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Mick Lynch’s comeback after Piers Morgan said there was ‘no money in the country’ had everyone cheering

There was an enlightening and entertaining election debate on TV last night, it just wasn’t between Rishi Sunak and Kier Starmer, obviously.

No, we’re talking about the Newsnight sofa where presenter Victoria Derbyshire brought together YouTuber Piers Morgan and everyone’s favourite trade union leader, Mick Lynch.

And we mention it because Lynch had a particularly effective comeback after Morgan suggested there was no money in the country for Keir Starmer to make any changes – should he win the election – unlike Tony Blair back in 1997.

And people enjoyed it so much they sent it viral.

Enjoyed that, almost as much as we enjoyed it when Morgan was obsessing over Lynch and the Thunderbirds baddie, The Hood, back when Morgan was still on the telly.

And here are just a few of the things people said about their latest encounter.

To conclude …

And separate but very much related, this.


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