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Victoria Derbyshire was instantly all over that Tory ‘£2k Labour tax rise’ nonsense and had the entire internet cheering

You might have seen by now that Rishi Sunak’s claim that ‘independent Treasure officials’ were behind claims that a Labour government would increase taxes by £2,000 was completed nonsense.

Not only that, a senior Treasury official warned Tory ministers not to say civil servants were behind the controversial claim, which the PM repeated ad nauseam during Tuesday night’s election leader debate with Keir Starmer.

Now Labour is calling on Sunak to apologise for lying 12 times about it during the debate (although it’s also a bit of a head-scratcher why Starmer didn’t leap on it a bit more enthusiastically during their head to head).

And we mention it again because Newsnight presenter Victoria Derbyshire was all over this in the immediate aftermath of the debate, taking precisely zero nonsense from Cabinet minister Claire Coutinho who obviously didn’t read that Treasury memo.

And it had the whole internet cheering.

Amen to that.

Here is a slightly longer clip.

And just a bit of the love people had for that.

To conclude …


Jon Richardson in a bubble bath explaining how Rishi Sunak made his millions was magnificently done

Source @Zero_4