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Rishi Sunak told people not to ‘politicise’ his early D-Day exit and the entire internet responded as one

As you’ll know by know Rishi Sunak has suffered another calamity entirely of his own making after he left the D-Day 80th anniversary commemorations early to return to the UK … to do an interview with ITV.

After issuing a statement on Twitter …

… the PM (at the time of writing) did an interview with Sky News’s estimable Sam Coates which really is worth watching in full because it’s quite the watch and we’ve never seen anything quite like it.

And there was so much to unpick there but the bit that really stuck out for us was his line, repeated several times, not to ‘politicise’ it.

And that noise you can hear is everyone’s irony-meter exploded because, this.

That. 100% that! And @PaulbernalUK wasn’t along. Of course he wasn’t!

And that wasn’t all people had to say …