Ad Test

Toy News: Iconic toy manufacturers Lego weighed into the global debate over gay marriage today, with the release of their new ‘Lego Pride’ self-assembly rainbow house.

“Lego is all about family values,” said MD Ivan Steppo, “and that includes gay families. We thought it was time to expand our traditional range and bring Lego out of the past in a way that our Star Wars range strangely doesn’t.”

However, the Lego Pride set has drawn severe criticism from both sides. “Who lives in a rainbow house?” said gay rights activist Peter Told. “What have they got in there? All-fucking-pink furniture and a dog called Liberache?”

While some campaigners condemned its ‘ham-fisted approach’, conservatives descried Lego’s attempt to ‘foster a leftist agenda’ on unsuspecting children.

“I mean what’s next?’ asked UKIP councillor Brian Huntsworthy. “A whole TV programme full of gay characters aimed directly at kids called ‘Rainbow’?”

Story: Jasper Gibson. Image: Q4Nobody