Poke Challenge: Eyebrows And Teeth Removal

Today you’ve been busy removing eyebrows and teeth from various celebs. The results range from horrifying to pure nightmare fuel. Here are some of the best…

John ‘Toothless’ Terry (via @TooSkool4Cool)

Aaron Paul (via @balconyshirts)

Katie Hopkins (via @thrivedigital)

Miley? (via @dsjonesuk)

Nigel Far-agggggggh (via @thrivedigital)

Holly Willoughby (via @quebectango)

Heeeeere’s Johnn…oh. (via @audiopsyence)

‘Get your ass to Marsschhh’ (via @TheProperJayC)

It’s never a Saturday night freakshow with Ant & Dec (via @monkey_wrangler)