10 Best-Worst Phone Cases & Covers

Got a mobile phone? Chances are you’ll have bought a case for it, unless you’re one of those reckless mavericks who go mobile au naturel. Here are ten cases that you’ll either love or want to smash with a hammer – sometimes both.

1. Never forget (the old days, when phones were built better and a charge would last a week).

2. Because who wants practicality and lightweight design when there’s a hint of tits involved?

3. Three people either love Jeremy Kyle, or were planning a really terrific bonfire.

4. To make you feel less embarrassed about having a slightly out-of-date phone.

5. Love me, love my mobile phone.

6. “I’ma let you finish, but Kim Kashardian is the best phone cover of all time.”



7. The severed hand phone case isn’t just for receiving calls from Hannibal Lecter, it’s also perfect for holding pens (that you took from someone you’ve murdered).

8. Combine making a call and extreme, brutal violence in one!

9. Need to wordlessly communicate the fact that you’re as creepy as fuck? No problem!

10. Despite the DIY improvement, this still makes us want to throw it under a lawnmower.