Enjoy A Narcissistic Breakfast With The Selfie Toaster

Ever wanted to gaze at your big stupid face when you eat a bit of toast? Now you can, with this toaster that places your image on your morning slice of toast.

It’s the brainwave of the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation, who have been specialising in toast based imagery (sports logos mainly) since 2010, reports ABC News.

Company founder Gavin Dively is flogging a new $75 (about £43) customised machine which promises to immortalise your face in crumb.

The selfie toaster is fitted with a special metal plate, based on a supplied photographer, which leaves an image of yourself on the toast. “Breakfast habits have always been personal. But those in the market for especially distinctive meals are no longer limited to a choice between white bread and multi-grain,” it gushes.

Mashable is excited not so much by the toast itself but by the process. “Toasting your selfie onto a piece of bread takes a lot more technology than you might think,” it proclaims.

It goes through the five stages of the production, noting finally that “the toaster makes two slices and each slice gets one selfie face… toasting both sides with the image could result in toast that’s significantly under-toasted on one side.”