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Man listens to 168 hours of Nickelback for charity

How far would you push your body and mind in order to raise money for a good cause? A marathon? Walking across a contient? How about listening to 168 hours of Nickelback non-stop?

On Monday podcaster Jesse Carey began a self-imposed “ultimate test of endurance” when he started listening to the entire Nickelback catalog, on repeat, for the entire week — amounting to a total of 168 hours, reports Time.

Together with Charity: Water, Carey is aiming to raise around £6,500 to build a well in one of the developing nations supported by the group. As of writing, he’s already raised over £12,000. Who knew that torturing your ears with some Canadian guitar-botherers could be so worthwhile?

MTV reports that Carey consulted several doctors who advised him that listening to too much Nickelback could “cause irreversible damage to his ears, brain, kidneys and soul.”

Thankfully he’s been documenting his gradual slide into madness through Twitter.