Meet Adolf, the chihuahua puppy that looks like Hitler

Swansea hairdresser Claire Walsh has renamed her chihuahua puppy Adolf after its black ‘fringe’ and tiny moustache prompts comparisons to the fur-hrer, reports the Telegraph.

Hairdresser Claire said: ‘I put photos of them on Facebook, and some of my colleagues and other people started commenting about him. Everyone says he resembles an infamous World War Two leader. He looks like he’s got a side parting, and there is a little mark on his nose which has gone black.’

Walsh thought her five new puppies were gorgeous – until people on Facebook pointed out that one looked just like Hitler.

It’s the perfect opportunity to revisit lookalikes of one of the most reviled people in history.

1. This evil fish.

2. This other fish.

3. This puppy.

4. This cat. (RIP Groucho)

5. This kettle.

6. This poster for The Expendables.

7. This hipster.

8. These knees.

9. This house in Swansea.

10. This football fan.

11. This music.

12. This potato.

13. This lotion.

14. This Elmo.

15. This light switch.

16. This ‘pixel error’ Farage.

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