What happens if you use Google autocomplete to fill in a dating profile

Twitter genius @TechnicallyRon writes, “I used Google autocomplete to write a dating profile and it may be the best dating profile ever”


Out of curiosity we had a go ourselves

my mother calls me fat

my age is in french

my home is grey and made of stone

Body type
my body type is endomorph

I am looking for
I am looking for a job

I enjoy
I enjoy being a girl

My ideal partner would be
a person with no empathy
a person with no arms or legs
a person with two private parts

My turn ons are
sex and a cup of tea
sex and a prolapsed bladder

My turn offs are
bad breath and diabetes
bad breath and cancer

Ok, that came out a bit frightening. Sorry.

Anyway, it’s a fun game – you can all join in!