There’s a theory this Ian Botham interview inspired David Brent

So there’s a theory put forward by @darrenrichman over on Twitter that this Ian Botham interview from the 1980s was the inspiration for David Brent.

Botham was given a relentless going over by an audience of clued-up kids on the BBC’s Open to Question. It’s gripping (hilarious) stuff.

You can see where he’s coming from if this selection of Botham bon mots is anything to go by.


“I think you’re missing the whole context, love.”


“If you want to change nappies, change nappies. It’s a free world. That’s why my father fought in the Second World War.”


“I’m an entertainer.”


“People don’t realise deer in this country there are more in this country now than there were in days of Henry VIII. Fact.”


“Corner dealers in drugs who give a young kid some marijuana [and] they they line it up with heroin inside it and the next thing you know you’ve got a kid chasing the dragon at 14.”


“I’ve been on a hill and I’ve had to chase a stag that’s got a nine inch cross bow bolt though its belly for two days.”


“Excuse me, you must have a sense of humour somewhere in there love.”

What do you think?

And just in case you’re wondering, the interviewer is John Nicolson who went on to become an MP for the SNP.

Here’s what he had to say about the theory.