Celebrity euros gary lineker takedowns

Frank Lampard’s dawning realisation he’s just been hilariously owned by Gary Lineker is a fabulously funny watch

There was lots to enjoy about Scotland’s 1-1 draw with Switzerland at the Euros on Wednesday night, not least the fact that the one point keeps the Scots in the hunt to qualify for the last 16.

But our player of the match was neither Swiss nor Scottish but English – Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker for his joke at the expense of pundit, former England and Chelsea stalwart, Frank Lampard.

It’s not so much about the joke – well, it is – but it’s mostly about Lampard’s dawning realisation (and apparent downright fury) at what Lineker had just said.

Absolutely magnificent.

And while we’ve no idea precisely what Lineker was reffing to – Lampard’s noggin is not our area of expertise, these people made their best guess.

We’re with this person.


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