The additional instruction on this fast food order is the most heart-rending thing you’ll read today

When someone sent through an order for a pastrami and cheese sandwich with fries on the side to food delivery company, GrubHub, the additional instructions were both heart-rending and utterly relatable.

It said:

“Just ……ruin me with fries, man. Straight up, the girl I like has been playing me, she’s sleeping with 2 other security guards over at Ruby.

I’m miserable. I’m drinking this handle of Canadian Club, I’m trying to get her face out of my head, and all this fat bastard is asking you for is to just FUCK ME UP with fries so I can drink and eat my troubles away.

Thank you, and have an awesome evening.”

If that’s just a cunning way of scamming extra fries, it’s genius and we hope it worked.