This app for finding World Cup lookalikes should have gone to Specsavers

If you haven’t got World Cup fever yet, even after seeing little Croatia beat the mighty Argentina, then you’ll probably never get it. Even so, you might be interested in a fun app that compares your photo with those of the World Cup footballers and finds the closest lookalike. Theoretically.

As these 14 examples show, it’s not always as accurate as it could be.

1. Prince Harry and Vedran Corluka are like twins separated at birth apart from their faces and hair.

2. Morrissey and Jose Fonte both have hair and some of it’s the same colour.

3. Lord Sugar and Essam El-Haddary both have a steely gaze.

4. Piers Morgan and Marco Reus have almost identical eyebrows.

5. Steve McFadden and Emil Hallfredsson are both bald. It’s uncanny!

6. Nigel Farage and Pepe Reina are so alike, Farage spent a week in goal for Spain and only his terrible save record gave him away.

7. Boris Johnson plans to hire Mark Milligan as his stunt double for the next time he has to use a zip wire.