Someone asked Cards Against Humanity for a freebie and got more than she bargained for

With Pride parades taking place across the summer, Cards Against Humanity offered a Pride add-on pack, with a glitter option. When Facebook user, Kait Johnson, tried to order the glitter version, it was unavailable, so she asked Cards Against Humanity for a favour.

With admirable attention to customer service, they sent this reply.

And, soon after, Kait received this.

Kait contacted Cards Against Humanity with this tongue-in-cheek comment.

She received this ominous reply.

And this …

Yes. That’s a giant box of glitter. She was warned. She sent them this message.

And got this truth bomb in return.

There’s a lesson to be learnt in all this. We’re just not quite sure what it is.

H/T Bored Panda