There’s something a little different about this super blood wolf moon photo – can you spot it?

In the early hours of Monday morning, the British Isles had the potential to see a rare super blood wolf moon – meaning that the full moon was closer to the earth than usual, was going through an eclipse and that it happened in January. Most people didn’t get a glimpse due to cloud cover, but one Twitter user shared the spectacular photo he captured of the astronomical event.

Composer, Nick Harvey, has an impressive history of capturing wonderful landscapes, so it’s no surprise that he’s done it again, but take a closer look at his image of Crowborough in East Sussex.

That’s right – it’s a giraffe – a giraffe in Crowborough. Of course, it’s just a long-standing joke played by Nick over a matter of years, following on from these beauties, amongst others.

His picture drew plenty of admiring comments, unsurprisingly.

Although most people were in on the joke, there’s always one.

There was even some interest from Radio 4.

Best of all, Nick’s photography has clearly been an inspiration.

What a trendsetter.