Reece Shearsmith live-tweeting the Wicker Man plot is the best possible May Day celebration

The first day of May has a special place in the traditions of the UK, with activities such as maypoles and Morris dancing harking back to pagan fertility rites. The classic horror film, The Wicker Man, stars the late Edward Woodward as a Christian policeman who becomes embroiled – or broiled – in the May Day rituals of the pagan inhabitants of Summerisle.

Writer and actor Reece Shearsmith, co-creator of the delightfully macabre League of Gentlemen and Inside No. 9, has been heavily influenced by the grim happenings on Summerisle and has tweeted the plot from the Edward Woodward character perspective a few times, including this year. It’s beautifully done, so we thought we’d share the darkness with you.

It started out innocently enough.

Although, he soon realised the people of Summerisle have some interesting customs.


Some very interesting customs …

Summerisle has a lord, and Reece got to meet him at his stately pile.

He also got an invitation to take part in their May Day festivities …which was very welcoming of them.