A Brexiter’s photo of their Westminster “presence” was quite the self-own – 4 beautiful takedowns

What goes through the minds of some Brexiters is a mystery to a lot of observers. We’ve heard them swear they always knew Brexit would have negative repercussions because they were listed in the Remain leaflet – that same leaflet they were calling “Project Fear” at the time. They’ve also shown some impressive levels of cognitive dissonance when insisting Brexit was about strengthening the UK’s borders but are happy to leave the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland completely unchecked.

One Brexiter, Tom Harwood, who writes for the Guido Fawkes site, shared some photos supposedly showing the Brexit presence at Westminster, only they weren’t the greatest example he could have picked.

These four reactions say everything that needs to be said about the post.





As a bonus, writer Thom Clarke gave Tom Harwood the thumbs up for his efforts to keep the images crisp.

Source: Twitter Images: Tom Harwood (fair use), Twitter screengrab