This woman’s takedown of new mums groups on Facebook is tragically accurate

If you’ve ever been part of a new mum’s group on Facebook then some of this – possibly all of this – will be very familiar.

It was a rather wonderful rant about the sort of questions that are posted there, shared on Reddit by Catbuds123 who said ‘I am howling.’

And it turned out to be oh so relatable for lots of parents.

ryvenkrennel: ‘Tragically accurate.’

theflush1980: ‘Nothing that some essential oils can’t cure…’

Methebarbarian: ‘Oh god so many injury/rash pictures. Also the ones where they warn against the irritation cause by x brand diaper followed by fighting about diaper brands cause no one seems to realize that each kid’s skin is different. Then some arguing over sleep training.’


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Source Reddit d u/Catbuds123