A ‘born and bred Scotsman’ put these ‘Braveheart’ anti-maskers in their place

It’s not just that some people insist on ignoring all the evidence and advice to wear masks – well, it is – but it’s also the fact that some of them make such a song and dance about it.

Like this ‘Braveheart’ pair, for instance, who caught the attention of a ‘born and bred Scotsman’ and his takedown was brutal.

‘If he were here he’d consume these morons with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse,’ said beerbellybegone who shared it on Reddit.

‘The amount of effort to do this shit exceeds the simple solution of wearing a small fabric for a few hours.’ zeroinz

‘It’s also ironic because Braveheart is considered one of the most historically inaccurate movies ever made, if not the most. In fact the only thing more inaccurate than the movie is their belief that wearing a mask is tyranny.’ Jarrydd2510

And just in case you were wondering …

‘Scots didn’t actually wear blue paint thats Braveheart pish. It was the Picts that wore blue body.’ Scotsmann


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Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone