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This lame excuse for a refund got precisely the cutting response it deserved

We’ve seen some lame excuses for a refund before but this is next level stuff.

When you buy an item, use it for a photoshoot for your instagram and than want to send it back with a lame excuse,’ said mtsiri who shared it over on the subReddit, ‘choosing beggars’.

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘She wants a sword with a soul? The hell she wants, Excalibur? That possessed knife from Wheel of Time? People is mad.’ Micolash_Cage_

‘They are clearly bullshitting and aware of it that why when you play along they suddenly get angry.’ dotblot

‘This is the most passively-aggressive passive-aggressive move I’ve ever seen. Well played, sir, well played.’ OldKermudgeon

‘You should have told her that of course it was empty… having a knife with a soul or energy obviously costs extra. It’s not like those kinds of things are easy to come by. Nor are they easy to infuse into the blade… I mean come on!’ Cinemaslap1

‘Did you give them a refund? Please tell me you didn’t! Your knives are amazing!’ FluffofDoom

‘Nah. She knew she had no chance )’ mtsiri


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Source Reddit u/mtsiri