14 photos that perfectly capture just how wild Facebook Marketplace can be

It’s fair to say that Facebook Marketplace has always been a slightly weird place – from strange listings to belligerent buyers, it’s gained a well-earned reputation as the wild west of online shopping platforms.

With that in mind, sit back and enjoy the fact that you’re not the person having to deal with any of these slightly peculiar buyers and sellers.


1. This seller who decided against traditional measurements: 

Source: Imgur


2. This seller who wanted to recycle their clothing: 

Source: Imgur


3. This buyer who was looking for a steal:

Source: @gregorjford


4. This buyer who thought they’d found the bargain of the century:


6. This buyer who gets a gold medal in guilt-tripping:


7. This seller with a very morbid listing:

Source: Imgur


8. This typical Facebook Marketplace interaction:

Source: @lelinob


9. This buyer who could only communicate with a single gesture:


10. This strange interpretation of the phrase “a little damaged”:


11. Whatever this abomination is supposed to be:

Source: tattoodlez / Reddit


12. This seller who found themselves in a very strange situation:

Source: Sativanna / Reddit


13. This buyer who should have rechecked the listing before commiting:

Source: Reddit / rinkawits


14. And finally, this unexplained listing: 

Source: Facebook / theransomnote


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