17 people who should probably never drink again

Most people who get drunk on a night out stagger home, carefully pour themselves a glass of water before tucking themselves into bed. However, there are others who have a more eventful evening after the booze has taken effect. Guess which group of people we’re going to be looking at?

Here are 17 people who got hilariously drunk.

1. This person who found themselves far from home:


2. And this person who found themselves really far from home:

3. This person who booked some time off:

4. This person who had an eventful train journey:

5. This person who tried to be helpful:

6. This person who created a classic British moment:

7. This person who needs to work on their stretching:

8. This person who wasted some good pizza:

9. This person who got caught in the act:

10. This person who needs some lessons on wildlife:

11. This person who got a little stuck:

12. This person who let their nerves get the better of them:

13. This person who probably overslept:

14. This person who looked to technology for assistance:

15. This person who should have kept their wallet locked away:

16. This person who was reborn:

17. And finally,  this person who left some unhelpful notes:


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