The takedown of this Covid sceptic’s WWII comparison was a thing of beauty

You have probably seen Allison Pearson‘s latest hot and terrible take on the coronavirus crisis, in which she tried to suggest the vaccine isn’t necessary.

If not, you can read more about that here

However, an exchange that took place in response to her post led to a magnificent takedown that deserves some attention of its own.

Here’s how it panned out.

In response to Sam Bowman‘s thread demolishing Allison Pearson’s Wuhan question, Rob McEvoy shared his experience.

One man wasn’t convinced. In fact, he was downright rude.

Anna Swartz had an analogy to demonstrate just how stupid his comment had been.

He doubled down.

This takedown from @nolansordyl said everything that needed to be said.

from Burn GIFs via Gfycat

It was so good, u/XpertTyper posted it to Reddit’s MurderedByWords forum.

We particularly enjoyed these reactions.

Don’t you just love the r/iamverybadass crowd?

Calling people snowflakes or sheep for wearing masks, and then whining “My rights are being violated!!”

I swear, MAGA hats should be pre-lined with foil.

When your lame attempt at a one up leaves you open to the bitch slap you deserve.

In conclusion:

The biggest fattest irony is that those same vets are now at a higher risk thanks to these asymptomatic fucks.


‘I really don’t understand the logic of anti-maskers’

Source @nolansordyl H/T r/MurderedByWords Image Anna Shvets on Pexels