Donald Trump Jr accused Republicans of ‘losing gracefully’ and it’s not the savage burn he thinks it is

Donald Trump Jr took time out from his busy schedule and waiting for his dad to return his text messages to appear on Fox News. Again.

And we only mention it because the former president’s son had a message for Republicans who he criticised for their willingness to ‘lose gracefully’.

Unlike Donald Trump, he said, and it really isn’t the savage burn he thinks it is.

And just in case you can’t bring yourself to listen …

‘There’s no natural pushback. The Republicans aren’t willing to do it – they’ve shown that over the decades – they’d just rather lose gracefully I guess. That’s not really a plan that I would go with but it’s what they have done.

‘Donald Trump has shown that you don’t have to do that, you can actually push back.’

And our favourite things people said about it.

And we really enjoyed this bit of the same Fox News interview. Watch to the end.


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