The classic ‘Class System’ sketch works perfectly for the generation gap

Back in 1966, when it was a lot easier to tell satire from the news, the great Marty Feldman and John Law wrote a sketch for The Frost Report, which has gone down in comedy history as a classic.

Featuring the perfectly cast John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, this is ‘Class System’.

The bitingly witty Larry and Paul have tweaked the sketch for today’s inter-generational culture war – sort of. Watch to the end.

As the pandemic and changing shopping patterns allow Jeff Bezos to rake in enough profits from Amazon to do a Scrooge McDuck swim through gold coins, should he feel so inclined, it couldn’t be more relevant.

When they shared the sketch with Twitter, not everyone was sure whether to laugh or cry.

To sum up …


Larry and Paul’s ‘government’ advert for sovereignty is as funny as it is bleak

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