Bad day at work? Could be worse, you could be committing ‘time clock fraud’

Having a bad day? Well at least you can reassure yourself that it could be worse, you could work for these people (unless, of course, you do actually work for these people).

It’s an employer’s warning notice about so-called ‘time clock fraud’ that went viral after it was shared by @BanishedBernie on Twitter because, well, best have a read of it for yourself.

And here it is again, just in case that’s tricky to read.

You might be committing time clock fraud!

Time clock fraud occurs whenever an employee does something while punched in that is unrelated to work (while not on a 15 minute break).

Here are some easy-to-do tips to avoid committing time clock fraud:

– use the restroom before you start work and before coming back from meals

– make sure to take off your coat/jacket or other outwear pieces before punching in

– make sure to secure personal items in a locker before punching in

– arrive early to ensure you have the time to complete any shopping or other tasks before your scheduled start time

– once punched in, you are on the clock and should immediately grab your equipment and head to the sales floor

If 10 employees commit 10 minutes of time clock fraud a day that’s 100 minutes a day. That’s 3,000 minutes a month which equals 50 hours of payroll lost.

Please remember that time clock fraud can lead to disciplinary action and termination.

And here are just some of the many, many things people were saying about it today.

And, as this person points out, it can only be a massive own goal on the part of the employer (quite apart from everything else).


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Source @BanishedBernie