A man complained about seeing tampons in his colleague’s locker and her comeback was magnificent

People love this woman’s response after a male colleague complained about seeing the ‘disgusting’ box of tampons she keeps in her locker.

The woman, who works in healthcare, shared her magnificent tale of revenge on Reddit.

Her co-worker wasn’t happy at occasionally glimpsing the tampons if the locker was opened when he walked past. What she did next was just fabulous, as shared by DrMedBayBitch over on Reddit.


And here it is!

We hope her colleague finds it less objectionable.

And here are just a few of the things people said in response.

‘These dudes work in Healthcare but are too sensitive to deal with knowing menstruation is a thing? Yikes.’ bubbabearzle

‘Seriously. He’s also always coming in and bragging about his dates and how much “sex he gets” but can’t handle anything about a period.’ DrMedBayBitch

‘Probably jealous of the size of the tampon.’ eazypeazy-101

‘Jesus, how sensitive do you have to be if you’re grossed out by a wad of cotton on a string? It’s not like you were leaving around a bag of used tampons.’ Medysus

‘Will someone ask the co-worker to justify why he went into your locker?’ Thejmax

‘I’m a male and guys that complain about something that a woman has no control over and is a natural bodily function need to grow up or shut up. Seriously men, it’s not a big deal. It’s bad enough for women when they have to go through that once a month. Imagine how much worse you’re making it for them by making them feel insecure about it. It’s not hard to be understanding and supportive. Don’t be a dick.


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