Nothing to see here – just the President of Ireland and an attention-hungry puppy

Anyone who has ever had a puppy will know that they’re not inclined to wait for the most convenient moments to demand attention.

When the Irish president, Michael D. Higgins, was in the middle of an interview with national broadcaster RTÉ, his seven-month-old Bernese mountain dog, Misneach, had a better idea – he wanted to play.

Here’s how the president coped.


President Michael D. Higgins giving a tv interview

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That’s the way to do it.

TikTokers were here for the wholesome scenes.

RTÉ’S Sinéad Crowley shared the clip on Twitter.

James Challinor shared this relatable comment.

As a bonus, here’s President Higgins with his other dog, Bród.

from Aww GIFs via Gfycat


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