These strangers ranking each other’s intelligence turned cringeworthy really quickly

On the Jubilee YouTube channel, they often feature short shows in which people rank things by instinct, before finding out the measured result.

In one, six people ranked each other’s perceived intelligence based on first impressions, before being ranked by the results of IQ tests.

A participant named Maria placed one named Tyler at the back of the queue. This is how that played out.


Unsurprisingly, the clip turned up on Reddit’s r/WatchPeopleDieInside forum, and this is what Reddit users thought of it.


112 is slightly above average apparently. Probably still higher than me but it should be illegal to be that up your own ass for slightly-above-average


Dunning Kruger effect in action


This made me infinitely happy. As soon as she spoke, I took a serious disliking to Maria.

In fairness to Maria, someone who watched the full version had this mitigation.


I just watched it, everyone voted him #6. She wasn’t the only asshole, she was just the most boastful.

We’ll leave the last word to Stephen Hawking.


Simply the most cringeworthy job interview gaffe you’ll read this week

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