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A chef who used tofu was trolled by a vegan for ‘cultural appropriation’ and it’s a facepalm for the ages

This exchange between a chef who used tofu and a vegan who subsequently trolled them for ‘cultural appropriation’ is a facepalm for the ages.

It’s just gone viral all over again and, well, feast your eyes on this.

And these are our favourite things people said about it after it was shard by bitchyswiftie over on Reddit.

“Stealing what we need for your own selfish use”. Is there a tofu shortage that I don’t know about?’

‘A vegan telling people to substitute tofu with meat? Shit and i thought i have seen everything.’

‘It’s all come full circle.’

‘The “you absolute fuck” at the end made this so much more enjoyable.’

‘Especially since it was prefaced with “with all due respect”


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