This Tesco employee was asked to deliver a formal resignation note and it’s simply epic

A (now former) Tesco employee has gone wildly viral on Reddit after sharing what happened after he said he was leaving and was told by his bosses to write a formal resignation letter.

And it’s fair to say he went to town – he really went to town – with his notice of resignation.

‘After telling my work that I am leaving, they said I must make a formal resignation letter. So in response, I went all out,” said Redditor s1mps0n24.

You won’t see many more memorable exits than that.

And here are just a few of the many things people were saying about it.

‘Love the end bit before it cuts off …steps down then says “Alright, see you later!”

“Viva la Tesco” is my new war cry.’

“It is not for every man to accept large packages into their backdoor. Nonetheless, this was my duty.”
F-cking killed me!’

‘The little cane bump had me laughing.’

‘I didn’t see the stool in the beginning. I thought you were tall as hell. Good luck at your new position!’

‘I like the double, rolled R, hand-sweeping “R-R-Resignation!” The best. Followed closely by the initial fake-out letter hand over.’

‘The little nods of approval, the rolling r’s on the synchronised “rrresignation!”, the stool, the cane, holding the letter at arms length. So many elements combine to make this a true masterpiece of our times. Fine work gentlemen. Huzzah!’

One question remained.

‘What did the manager think of it all?’

‘If s1mps0n24 worked there for 6 and a half years, I’m sure he thought it was fun.’


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Source Reddit u/s1mps0n24