The fan cam caught this nose-picker in the act and he died a little inside

There are good times for supporters to be filmed in close-up at a match, like when they’re having an excited reaction to a goal, punching a wayward ball back into play or giving a loved-one an excited hug.

There are also bad times, like when that wayward balls smacks you right in the kisser, when you told your boss you had to self-isolate – or this.

We’d quite like to know where he planned to wipe that. Second thoughts – no, we wouldn’t.

The clip, from eight years ago at an Essendon versus Greater Western Sydney fixture, in Australia, got people’s attention.

Asshole cameraman. There ain’t a single person on this planet who hasn’t gone digging for gold.

Me sitting at the lights in my car realising the person in the car next to me is watching and laughing.

Jesus Christ he was two knuckles deep in that nostril

Reddit user, jlnunez89 felt the guy could have handled it better – the situation, as well as the bogey.

Should have eaten it or picked the other nostril while looking at the camera to assert dominance.

Like this, perhaps.


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