‘The best comeback ever’

This clip from the Russell Howard Hour on Sky has just gone wildly viral on Reddit where it was posted by druule10 who said: ‘The best comeback ever.’

It’s comedian Aaron Simmonds in a segment of the show devoted to up and coming comics, and an exchange with a member of the audience which took a beautifully unexpected turn.

‘I haven’t genuinely laughed for a while, this felt good and pure fun.’

It prompted a few people on Reddit to ask how Tony knew he was being spoken to and this is the only answer they need.

‘To the people saying “how did Toby know he was the one being spoken to” and “how did he reach down and pick that up” You know there are varying levels of blindness right? Not all people who use a cane are completely blind. In fact what Toby has seems to be what’s referred to as an ID cane which helps let sighted people know that he has a visual impairment, it doesn’t mean he’s 100% blind.’

You can find Aaron’s whole set here.

And there’s all things Russell Howard on this YouTube channel here.


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Source Reddit u/druule10 YouTube @RussellHoward