Phil McCann isn’t the only victim of nominative determinism – 14 brilliantly apt names

At the start of the fuel crisis, the BBC sent out the perfect journalist to report on the situation.

He was the talk of Twitter, featuring in posts like these –

It might have been a little wearing for him.

The force at work here was nominative determinism – the concept that their name might make someone particularly drawn to a task or profession, such as Mr Banks in Mary Poppins, who worked in a bank, or the real-world banker, Rich Ricci. Not a joke.

Reddit’s r/NominativeDeterminism forum contains thousands of examples of the phenomenon in the wild. We chose some favourites.

Think of these as the first draft for Happy Families.

1. The obstetrician


2. The chef


3. Vegetarian cookery writer

4. The financier


5. The urologist


6. The Horticulturalist


7. The funeral director