Piers Morgan trolled Daniel Craig’s jacket and Gary Lineker oh-oh-owned him into next week

Everyone’s talking about the new James Bond film today, which has finally been released after successive delays (you might have read about it) because of the coronavirus.

Almost as many people, it turned out, were talking about the jacket Daniel Craig wore for the No Time To Die premiere at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday night.

Piers Morgan was among the people who weren’t so keen on Craig’s double-breasted pink jacket, so naturally took to Twitter to share his views.

“O dear O (7) dear. James Bond would never wear a garish pink suede dinner jacket. You’re supposed to be a steely-eyed assassin with exemplary sartorial taste, Mr Craig…. not an Austin Powers tribute act. 👎”

And it prompted no shortage of responses, but surely no-one said it better than Morgan’s long-time Twitter nemesis, Gary Lineker.

Tweet, tweet, bang, bang.

And his wasn’t the only killer response.


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Source Twitter @GaryLineker