The unexpected plot twist of this anti-vaxxer takedown is simply brutal

We’ve featured no end of anti-masker takedowns on these pages, partly because they are so entertaining and partly because it’s a message that deserves to be shared, obviously.

But we’re not sure we’ve ever seen one so brutal as this, a two-step takedown at a school board meeting in the US to take your breath away.

Sucked the air right out of the room.

‘She had’em with the first half lol. Legend’

‘Establishes who the dummies are in the room by their need to be recognized as clapping anti-maskers. Slam dunks their support in the garbage like the trash they are.’

‘Holy shit! Zero to a hundred in a couple of seconds. Honestly did not see that coming.’

‘That’s how you handle those idiots. Wish my county school board had a lady like that.’


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