This outrageously unsympathetic boss got entirely the response he deserved

We’ve probably all worked for some difficult bosses in the past – no names, no pack drill! – but we’ve had the good fortune never to experience one quite so outrageous as this.

It’s an exchange posted by Redditor tylerro2 who said: ‘Who’s the boss now?’ and it had people shaking their heads (and fists) in disbelief.

And it turned out this sort of thing is more common than you might think. Here are just a few of the things people said in response.

‘The trying to one up was certainly a choice.’

‘My boss tried that when my grandma died. His brother had died and he told me he was working so I should too. I told him I actually cared about my grandma and am going to take the day off. He didn’t like that much.’

‘Omg this shit happened to someone I worked with years ago. She literally got a call as she was working (she was line cook) that her mother died in a car wreck that morning. Manager literally tokd her that she needed to stay and finish her shift or be fired for negligence. Home girl took off her apron and yeeted it at his face. He was still yelling that she would be fired if she walked out the door AS she was walking out the door.’

‘When my dad died my boss didn’t want to give me even a day to mourn and go to the funeral. He said he only took 2 hours off for his mother’s funeral so that somehow should show me to “be a team player”. When the office staff basically revolved and demanded I have my 3 days he folded and gave me my time off. A boss shouldn’t be shamed into doing the right thing and just because they made a choice of work over family doesn’t mean everyone else does or will.’

“Chris” gives off the same energy as my manager calling me multiple times a day asking when I was returning to work as I sat in the ICU while my brother fought for his life. I was ordered back to work 36 hours after his funeral. Wish I had the balls to quit back then.’

‘The best one of these I ever saw ended with: “If you ever think you’re a good boss, or a good person, think back to this day, and know that you are not.”

To conclude, this.

“Stop being a victim”, maybe stop turning your workforce into victims then, you waffle iron???’

Or maybe just this.

‘This guy is an absolute and total C–T. I’m very sorry for your loss.’

It even managed to eclipse this exchange with another horrible boss which we featured a few days back.

Good riddance and good night.


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Source Reddit u/tylerro2