These ‘otters begging for spins’ are just the soothing balm we needed right now

We’ve always liked otters and had the good fortune to see them in the wild once or twice.

But we’re not here for our holiday snaps, we’re here for this video of ‘otters begging for spins’ which has just gone viral on Reddit.

We had no idea they – or we – would enjoy it so much, and it’s just the soothing balm we needed right now.

And just a few of the things people were saying about it.

‘When ever I see otters I can’t help but notice that “Dude! Being an otter is so awesome!” vibe they put off.’

‘Except when they’re going to war with other otters. Totally different vibe.’

‘It is surprising that it does not feel dizzy. lol.’

‘It does, that’s likely why it likes it! Spinning is actually a very common form of experimental self alteration in human children and many animals. The boy wants to get the spinnies!’

‘Hahahaha I was like stop bullying those precious creatures then he went like MOOOAARRRR.’


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Source Reddit u/CoryVictorious