A boss cancelled this guy’s holiday and his no-nonsense response had everyone cheering

In the latest of our occasional series, ‘outrageous bosses get exactly the responses they deserved’, comes this, another such exchange to go wildly viral over on Reddit.

It’s a manager who took it upon themselves to cancel someone’s holiday at short notice and, well, best have a read for yourself.

It was shared by Redditor frenzzzykid who said: ‘Never told a boss off like this. And it felt amazing.’

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

“Hey joe we need you to work because brandon and sarah quit without any warning at all, no idea why”

‘Your MTO (My time on) request has been permanently denied.’

‘Had 2 workers quit that fast damn man.’

“Is it me who is wrong…? No it’s always the workers!”

‘OP [original poster] should go in as a customer 😂’

And talking of outrageous bosses as we were, it took us back to this from last week, a bartender who was wanted by their boss not to drink on they day off. Their comeback was 100% proof.


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Source Reddit u/frenzzzykid