This ‘most Australian interview ever’ is a wild ride from start to finish

This video of an Australian hero has just gone viral on Reddit where it was described as the most Australian interview ever.

And this is why.

The clip is actually from a few years back – the guy’s name is Daniel McConnell and the incident happened in Brisbane, Queensland – but if any TV news interview warrants another watch, then it’s surely this one.

Here are just a few of the things people were saying about it on Reddit today.


“You look after your mate and your mate will always look after you”
-Daniel McConnell 2K16

‘Such a genuinely nice guy, what a great friend to have.’

‘Don’t you mean what a mate to have.’

‘I love how good natured this is. Yeah he’s funny but they aren’t taking down to him. Actually praised him for what he did. But that cut shot to the blond anchor was hilarious lol.’

Although in the quest for most Aussie interview ever, there was also this.

And of course this …



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Source Reddit u/noxdes