This outrageous boss suffered the ultimate burn and people love it

Now this is how to quit your job. Well, depends on the circumstances, obviously, but as farewell burns go, this is up there with the very best.

It all began with this exchange shared by Redditor deepfriedpickle_yes who said: ‘I made the mistake of calling in sick for my shift 8 hours before it started. No regrets.’

And it got people clamouring for what happened next.

Mega oof.

“I hope thats enough notice for you.” Snap snap snap.’

‘Right! I’m taking notes. that response was top tier.’

‘I’m sick of seeing these shitty managers throw the old “we are going to have a talk” crap. see that would make me anxious, and they know that! they use fear to drive compliance. I am so glad people are finally standing up to it!’


This shockingly entitled boss’s complaint got entirely the response it deserved

Source Reddit u/deepfriedpickle_yes and u/deepfriedpickle_yes