This person’s electric-vehicle warning wasn’t the gotcha they thought it was

Every new technology has its doubters, and while electric vehicles are far from new, they’re certainly becoming much more commonplace, and that’s worrying some people – like the person who posted the photo in this screengrab.

We can’t deny that there are some alarming warnings on there –



Shield eyes

Explosive gases

There were/are, however, a lot of problems with the poster’s doom-mongering.

And they already have batteries. It’s no wonder u/MrDoALot decided to share it on r/Facepalm.

Here are some of the reactions we enjoyed.

Oh oh oh! Is this the new thing people are conspiring against? Like add it to the list of flat earth, climate change not real and vaccines will turn all of us into lizards? This seems like the perfect candidate.

I’ll stick with a good old fashioned hydrogen blimp, thank you very much.

They really opened the hood and thought they were on the brink of something mind blowing lmfao

Imagine ragging on a sealed battery cause it is labelled poison so dumbasses don’t open it, not knowing literal controlled explosions happen in a car engine several hundred times a second.

I don’t get the electric car hate. If you prefer gas, you should be glad they exist. Leaves more gas for your car.

And the biggest irony – there never will be a school bus full of those batteries.

Different kind of battery. Car batteries are usually lead-acid. Electric cars run on Lithium Ion.


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