Matt Hancock: a Day in My Life (parody)

From the moment Matt Hancock entered the public consciousness as Culture Secretary in 2018, he embraced the cringe wholeheartedly.

He launched his own app, allowing users to connect with one another, as well as viewing photos of Hancock and updates about his schedule.

In what fiction writers refer to as foreshadowing, the app was cr-app.

The awkwardness continued.

from Charlie Day GIFs via Gfycat

The wonderful Alistair Green has channelled that bone-deep cringeworthiness into something very special, with his Day in the Life of Matt Hancock.

Watch and wonder.

We’re pleased to report that the sketch got the love it deserves.

It isn’t the first time Alistair has taken on the Mattster’s persona.

We hope it won’t be the last.


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