This ‘malicious compliance’ tale of revenge on an outrageous boss is sheer perfection

People loved this fabulous tale of revenge shared by someone who was apparently fired from their job because they took too long to reply to their emails.

It went viral on the subReddit ‘malicious compliance’ for reasons which are about to become obvious … and it’s sheer perfection.


‘Manager nearly lost her job because of it. Well that’s very disappointing.

‘Sterling work yourself, though.’

‘Even without the NDA if I were fired “effective immediately” that means my job no longer is paying me to answer such questions so I have zero obligation to answer them.’

“HR turned to Legal and Legal pointed out that I was technically correct. They were a former employer and I was bound by my NDA”

‘That’s f-cking great that their own legal team backed you up.’

‘Ah, technically correct … the best kind of correct!’

And it prompted this Redditor to share their own story which people loved too.

‘An acquaintance of mine got out of his non-compete with a trick like this.

‘A couple months after quitting he gets a call from his former employer, asking if he could pretty-please help out one of their customers. “No”, he says. “I’ve got ten months left on my non-compete”.

‘They offer to hire him back as a contractor to do the work. “My lawyer informs me that would also run foul of the non-compete. I may be contracting for you, but I’m employing myself.”

‘After a little posturing back and forth while he played scared of a lawsuit he got them to release him from it, in writing.

‘They were hella surprised when the client cancelled their service contract, having hired him full time.’


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