This girl’s letter to a member of the US Air Force is hilariously brutal

This letter to a member of the United States Air Force went wildly viral on Reddit because it is comically brutal and hilariously straight to the point.

‘Got this letter from Zoe while deployed. She gets it,’ said Redditor TheDeepBlueZ

Just in case it’s tricky to read …

Dear United States Veteran

Hello! I’m Zoe from Stuart Florida. I wrote my letter to you because mu uncle served in the Air Force and thankfully came back safe and flew helicopters for a while. But enough about my life.

‘The reason I chose the Air Force out of all the other branches is because what you do is VERY dangerous, unlike the Army, where if you get shot medics come and help you, but if your plane gets damaged you know you’re done for.

Thank you for protecting us.

Sincerely, Zoe

Zoe really isn’t messing around.

And here are just a few of the responses it prompted.

“You know you’re done for.”

‘Zoe keeps it real, lol.’

‘Your death looms – Zoe.’

“… but enough about my life, let’s sum up the rest of yours.” – Zoe

‘I got a letter from a kid when I was deployed. It was signed Thanks for dying for us, Nick.’

‘Sounds like you really let Nick down.’


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Source Reddit u/TheDeepBlueZ