This pedant set themself up for the old one two

This funny exchange was shared by u/taxfraud54, on Reddit’s u/CleverComebacks forum.

They weren’t wrong about that opinion being unpopular, and they definitely walked right into that comeback.

I thought ≠ was the easy way to type =/=, but what do I know.

It annoys me that my calculator doesn’t spell out things like “Ten times five equals fifty.”

All calculators are illiterate shitbergs.

As a physicist, i refuse to read or write anything unless it has at least 1 number in it lmao.

I hate it when people write “math” equations in juvenile abbreviated forms, uhh 1+1=2? No it should be a single one in addition to another single one is equal to the number commonly known as two. I mean how hard is that?

Using symbols instead of words =/= semiliteracy.

u/AssassinOfFate added insult to injury.

This guy = owned.


This bit of grammar snobbery earned one unfortunate pedant a savage burn

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