There’s no room for sentiment in this hilariously brutal Dutch holiday advert

The path of the tearjerking, heartwarming Christmas advert is well worn. Who could forget the Man in the Moon, Excitable Edgar the Dragon, or a cute little Elton John getting his first piano?

A holiday ad for Dutch internet shop turns the usual warm and fuzzy stuff completely upside down in a hilariously brutal way.

The 55-second creation of Dept Agency and director Willem Gerritsen, with the English title the gift you really wanted sees Felix, who really wants a doll for the Dutch holiday of Sinterklaas, as he creates a makeshift friend in a Castaway style from an unwanted gift of a football.

Watch what happens next.

A Redditor named ViciousLooRoll shared it on r/funny, where these comments summed it up perfectly.


“Fuck you Wilson!”


Norway’s postal service Christmas ad sees Santa bag himself a boyfriend

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