This disgruntled puppy has gone viral again because of its hilarious reaction to medicine

There are some things that take some getting used to, and unusual flavours are one of those things.

This puppy’s first encounter with medicine turned out to be the perfect demonstration of a reaction to an unpleasant taste.

That’s the face people make after horrible medicine, too. The clip, from a few years ago, has cropped up again after being shared on Reddit by u/mikihak, where it picked up these comments,

That pupper didn’t like that very much.

Needs a chaser.

“The frick is this crap”

This is the exact reaction of my kids when they try anything new in quantity of an apple seed.

Me finding out mid-bite that the chocolate has alcohol in it.

This suggestion from Minflick gets our vote.

Oh Sweet Jesus, give that baby something tasty to get the nasty taste out of its mouth! Be nice…


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