This Airbnb host’s extreme instructions give serious red flag vibes

The Airbnb model is a wonderful idea, allowing people to find accommodation that suits their needs, while giving the homeowner some extra income. It’s always useful if there are clear instructions about how things work, such as heating controls, TV remotes or the oven.

A TikToker named Tiffany – @authentiffany_ – has gone viral after sharing the overwhelming amount of instructions left for her by the host of an Airbnb.


Respect the home, Tiktok about it later ##fyp ##airbnb ##funny ##controlissues ##foryou ##toomuchsauce ##lol ##airbnbhost

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It went from helpfully thorough to red-flag central at the point where she felt a guest would need instructions on how to use a storage box, leaving TikTok users shaking their heads and posting comments like these.

The next guest will have a sign that says Do not record TikToks during your stay.

I feel like this lady taught kindergarten. Because this is what you have to do if you teach kindergarten.

I’d rather just stay at a hotel ….or in my car. Lol.

That’s too much reading on my vacation.

Next time, don’t drink your water in front of the hidden cameras. Duh.

Of course, there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation –

This sounds like someone who was contacted one too many times with stupid questions.

But that wouldn’t explain the toothbrush glass incident.

Someone named webothlovesoup probably nailed it with this response –

Passive aggressive income.


This Airbnb host’s very specific bathroom instructions are like something out of the League of Gentlemen

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